Private tutoring

Alongside my freelance authoring and consultancy work, I also offer one-on-one or small group tuition to both primary and secondary aged pupils.

This may take the form of:

  • Booster literacy and/or numeracy sessions.
  • Study skills development.
  • Preparation for grammar school testing/Common Entrance examinations.
  • Support for those who are home-schooled.
  • GCSE, AS and A2 level geography course guidance and examination advice.
  • Mentoring for individuals undertaking independent enquiry, such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or assessment work as part of the current course they are following.

I advocate a flexible and interactive approach to ensure that sessions are tailored to individual’s interests and needs. In addition, authoring and consultancy work often provides links to highly innovative and engaging material, which I am then able to trial with tutees and recommend to parents.

Lessons usually last for an hour and are held at my home, either after school, in the evenings or at weekends. Occasionally, I may visit a tutee/s at their home address. The basic rate for an hour’s individual tuition is £25.00, although this is subject to negotiation where small groups are concerned. Some students see me for a few weeks as this is all that is needed to boost their confidence and self-esteem or address a particular issue that they have; the majority choose to remain with me for much longer, however, with some attending for three years or more!

Verbal and/or written feedback is given to both students and parents at the end of each session.

DBS clearance documentation, degree and teaching certification and references are all available to view on request.