‘Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. It was really inspiring and gave me lots of ideas for various things. I will definitely try and set it up and get my students using it. I meant to catch up with you to speak to you personally, but didn’t have the opportunity, so a belated thank you.’

Vaughan Perkins, Dyson Perrins School

‘I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this morning at the Geography Conference. The feedback was very positive and the sessions were enjoyed by all.’

Sarah Whitehouse, PGCE Tutor, University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol

‘Once again, thanks a lot for your effort. It will make a real difference to geography here at Fairford. … That is just brilliant! Thank you so much. Please do pass on my email address, and if you can give me theirs, we can get stuck in! Your help has been invaluable.’

Kevin Donnelly, Fairford C of E Primary School, Cirencester, Gloucestershire



‘Thanks for your emails – it will be great to work together towards developing an app to launch in October.’

Ruth Murphy, Hodder Education

‘Thanks for the feedback on the template. I’m currently incorporating it into the existing template. It’s developing into a very robust document. Thanks again for all your support.’

John McLaverty, Oxfam

‘Thank you for such a prompt delivery; this is very much appreciated’

Frances Soul, Pearson Education

‘I hope the Headteachers at Hempsted C of E Primary are suitably appreciative of the great resource you’ve made about their school. I’ve shown it to my colleagues and we all thought it was a really well-thought-out, engaging and varied piece of work. … I’m not surprised it’s taken a long time, and thank you so much for doing it – your additions to the ‘Global issues’ resource are exactly the kind of thing we’re after, as are the ones to ‘Who are the British?’. … Many thanks again for all your hard work. I definitely think it was worth it, and I hope you do too!’

Lucy Palmer, Teachit Citizenship

‘Thanks very much for this Emma – very helpful and constructive comments.’

Julia Bird, Hachette Children’s’ Books

‘I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, but as you are aware we recently ran some online secondary subject forums regarding the GCSE reforms – I believe that you were involved in the geography forum. Being one of the most active within the geography forums, we’d like to sound you out on your interest in taking on the geography report-writing task.’

Verity Arch, Schoolzone

‘just to let you know we went live this afternoon. In the official email, I’ll say a global thank you, but I just wanted to thank you personally for your excellent submissions and for your patience with me and my questions. … THANKS!! The launch went well and we’ve received loads of complimentary emails so it’s back to you now for more submissions!’

Chris Smart, Teachit Geography

‘Thank you so much for all your comments on this. These are very helpful indeed. … We are hoping to find a group of people to write the teaching materials that will support the film content for Tigtag Geography.’

‘I’m very impressed with the lesson plan you prepared for the Global Climates unit. I can see that you have put in a great deal of work. You’ve come up with a great range of activities, and the resources you’ve suggested are all things we can create in-house. I’m going to pass on the lesson plan samples to the Head of Content, Natasha Stillwell, and we will be discussing the next steps for production and writing of the teaching resources. I will be in touch again when I have further information. …Thanks again for all your work on this.’

Lucy Douglas, Twig World

‘Thanks for the chat on Friday. It was a very helpful starting point for us. Also great to have your connection with St. Swithun’s – good to have such positive collaboration.’

Sarah Oswald, Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust

‘I wanted to send you a huge thank you again for all your help with the project – we really appreciate it!’

Anna Meyer-Blankenburg, Mosaic Films


Private tutoring

‘ … has told me all about what she did with you today & was very enthusiastic about it …’

Parent of a Year 4 tutee

‘Thank you so much Emma. I can definitely see an improvement with her confidence and this has made a difference at school, which is great. She is always very happy to come to you and seems to thoroughly enjoy it.’

Parent of a Year 4 tutee

‘ … wanted to let you know that she was celebrated in assembly today and on her certificate it said ‘… is showing more confidence in maths and is prepared to ‘have a go’ at an answer on the carpet’. This is brilliant progress for … . Thank you very much as you obviously have a big part to play in this!’

Parent of a Year 4 tutee

‘Thanks, Emma. … is thoroughly enjoying working with you.’

Parent of a Year 4 tutee

‘Emma has been tutoring our son since the end of last summer. He really enjoys his sessions with her and looks forward to going every week to see her. He has improved a lot over the last few months; we notice a big difference in his approach to work now and lots more confidence. Emma is very approachable, communicates well and always gives us feedback and time after each session. We highly recommend her as a tutor; I’m so glad we found her. To be honest, she has helped our son so much. … Many thanks, Emma; we’ll have a look at the links. … was very positive tonight after his session with you; it’s great to see him so happy at the moment.’

Parent of a Year 5 tutee

‘I would like to thank you for your efforts thus far.’

Parent of a Year 5 tutee

‘Thank you so much for coming yesterday and for your ‘lessons’ – the children really enjoyed it.’

‘Thanks for letting me know [feedback from local fieldwork] … the kids really enjoyed their time with you.’

Parent of home-schoolers, Year 4 and Year 7

‘Many thanks … I know … is looking forward to her session tomorrow.’

Parent of a Year 5 tutee

‘Wow, so efficient! Many thanks … will have a good look tomorrow.’

Parent of a Year 5 tutee

‘Many thanks. … feels really at ease with you and is enjoying the sessions.’

Parent of a Year 5 tutee

‘Just to let you know that … got into Ribston.Thanks for all your hard work.’

Parent of a Year 6 tutee

‘I know that … and … have both thrived in your lessons and we will all miss you, even … , as she loves to recount every detail of the last 48 hours of her life to you as you walk through the door on a Friday!If you do happen to know of any geography tutors who might be nearly as good as you (!) and looking for tutees, please let me know!’

Parent of home-schoolers, Year 6 and Year 9

‘Overall he has jumped massively this year both in confidence and ability and it’s thanks to you and his teacher. We are very proud of him.’

Parent of Year 5 pupil

‘Can’t believe how much he has improved since you have been involved.Thanks so much! … is enjoying his English so much more with you!’

Parent of Year 12 student

‘A quick message – … passed! Thanks for your help.’

Parent of Year 13 student

‘Two happy customers! … Thanks for all your help, it has been worth every penny!’

Parent of Year 12 student

‘Thanks, Emma, he loves coming to you’

Parent of Year 7 pupil

‘I really enjoy having tutoring sessions with Emma. The sessions are fun and I have learnt a lot in the past few months.’

Year 5 tutee

‘Mrs Espley is a fantastic tutor who makes lessons fun and interactive. She picks interesting topics and teaches in a very clear way so that I can understand what to do very easily.’ 

Year 7 tutee

‘I’ve really enjoyed you coming and teaching me.I really enjoyed all my lessons and learned a lot.’

Year 6 tutee

‘Thank you so much for giving me so many wonderful lessons over the last couple of years.You have always made the lessons fun and enjoyable and I have learnt so much, both in geography and ICT. In my lessons, I have been able to develop my creative and writing skills.’

Year 9 tutee